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Unique Multicultural Gifts


Unique gifts for teachers and students to support bilingualism and celebrate diversity!
Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day, End of Year Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Birthdays, Student Awards and more!

GIFT CERTIFICATES: For a gift that all teachers and students would appreciate, consider our Language Lizard gift certificates. Recipients can choose the language and type of book they want. To purchase a gift certificate, click here.

LANGUAGE & DIVERSITY T-SHIRTS: Looking for unique gifts that celebrate diversity and promote bilingualism? Language Lizard has designed many multicultural T-shirts that celebrate diversity and language learning such as: Welcome Your Friends (with HELLO in 35+ different languages), I'm Bilingual, What's Your Superpower? and We All Smile in the Same Language.
There are many designs and color options as well as bilingual and Spanish-only versions of some of the designs. Click here to see all the design and language options on our Amazon store.

LANGUAGE MUGS: We have also created a set of colorful mugs that celebrate diversity and the love of languages. Please note that these are NOT sold on the Language Lizard website but are provided by a third-party vendor. Mugs are available in English, Spanish and Multilingual.
Please click here to see the full collection in our MULTICULTURAL AND BILINGUAL GIFTS STORE, and to purchase the unique items listed here.

“Welcome” in Different Languages

"Welcome" in many languages multicultural mug

This unique mug says “Welcome” in many languages, and is a great gift for teachers who work in multicultural classrooms. Languages include Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi (Persian), French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Yoruba.

Bilingual Superpower

Bilingual Superpower mug

Learning a new language takes dedication and a lot of hard work! Let the world know about your bilingual superpower! A great gift for students and teachers that encourages and promotes language learning. English-only edition of this mug is also available.

“We All Smile in the Same Language”

"We all smile in the same language" bilingual mug

Our “We all smile in the same language” bilingual mug has English on one side and Spanish on the other (English-only mug also available). A fun way to celebrate diversity and inclusion while enjoying your favorite beverage.

All mugs are 11oz and microwave safe. Happy sipping!