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Thank you for your interest in teaching children about  the world's diverse languages and cultures. We hope the Language Lizard books and the following lesson plans will help you in your efforts. Many of the books also encourage a respect for diversity and help build self-esteem.  

Teachers may download these lesson plans to use as designed or adapt them to meet the needs of a particular student body or grade level. Families may use the activities presented in the lessons to celebrate diversity and expose their children to foreign languages and cultures.

Please feel free to share any comments about our books or these lesson plans with us at

And please share this FREE resource with your friends and colleagues!

Introduction: Multicultural Lesson Plans Celebrate Language and Cultural Diversity
- Chinese New Year
- Diwali (Festival of Lights)
- Learning about Kenya: Using Handa's Hen and Handa's Surprise
-- Lesson One: Handa's Hen - Cultural Letter
-- Lesson Two: Handa's Surprise - Alternative Endings
Note: this is an interactive lesson plan that will take you to another site. In addition to the lesson plans, it provides additional resources including links where children can hear the Somali and Yoruba languages spoken.
-- Lesson One: Book Sharing
-- Lesson Two: Sharing Family Traditions
-- Lesson Three: Researching Where You Came From
-- Culminating Activity: Cultural Celebration Party (Includes Parent Information Letter)
-- Lesson One: Chinese Culture (includes a Culture Webquest)
-- Lesson Two: Mexican/Hispanic Culture
-- Lesson Three: Native American Folklore
-- Culminating Activity
-- Lesson One: Floppy 
-- Lesson Two: Floppy's Friends
-- Lesson Three: That's My Mum
-- Lesson One: What is a Community?
-- Lesson Two: Planting a Garden, in the US, Somalia, and Czech Republic
-- Lesson Three: Cooperation - Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal
-- Culminating Activity: Grocery Store Activity
-- Lesson One: Places of Worship (includes religion fact sheets)
-- Lesson Two: Religious Festivals
-- Lesson Three: Clothing/Symbols
-- Lesson One: Similarities and Differences of INDIA and the United States
-- Lesson Two: Importance of Language
-- Lesson Three: Tamil and English (understanding languages and use of symbols)
-- Lesson Two: Buri and the Marrow (Bengali Folktale)
-- Lesson Three: INDIAN Customs
- Language, Customs, Culture in INDIA (focus on maps, clothes, flag)
-- Lesson One: Play Dough Maps-- Lesson Two: Paper Doll Making
-- Lesson Three: INDIA'S Flag (includes India's Flag worksheet)
- Language, Customs, Culture in KOREA
-- Lesson One: Korean Language and Symbols
-- Lesson Two: Korean Holidays
- Language, Customs, Culture in JAPAN
- Lesson One: Introduction to Japan
- Lesson Two: Exploring Japan - Japanese New Year
- Lesson One: Introducing Islam, Eid ul-Fitr, and Ramadan
- Lesson Two: Comparing Thanksgiving and Ramadan
- Lesson One: Romanian Culture - Traditions and Values
- Lesson Two: Romanian Culture - Colors, Clothing and Food 
-- Characteristics of Countries
-- Classroom Cookbooks
-- Three Billy Goats Gruff
-- Bullying- The Problems and Solutions

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