Language Lizard's Affiliate Program
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Language Lizard, LLC ( is the best resource for award-winning bilingual and multicultural children’s products in over 40 languages.  You can earn money for your organization or business simply by referring customers to our site.  Just add a text link or banner to your web site or emails and every sale that you help generate earns you money – it’s that easy!  The more often and the more prominently you display your links, the more money you can earn!
Our affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money with your web site and email links.  When you refer someone to, you get 5% of every sale that originates from your site — it’s that simple.  It costs you nothing to become an affiliate and there’s no limit on how much you can earn, so why wait? Sign up for our Affiliate Program today!


Language Lizard offers a wide variety of award-winning products, a user-friendly site and excellent customer service.   We handle all the order processing, shipping and customer notifications.  This makes it extremely easy for Language Lizard Affiliates to earn extra money for their organization.  And it costs nothing to join the program! Your school or organization can start earning money today and earn up to 5% in referral fees.

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 Quick FAQ

Why Become an Affiliate?
Language Lizard offers you or your organization a great way to earn extra cash by simply referring people to our website. You will earn money while providing them an excellent resource for unique, award-winning bilingual materials in over 40 languages.


What types of graphic materials are available for my site?
Language Lizard provides you with a variety of banners, logos, images and more. Language Lizard knows how important the aesthetics of your site are to you, therefore we have compiled banners in different shapes and colors to suit your website’s needs.  Anyone who visits "Your Link" will be tracked, and you will get credit. Place your link anywhere: In e-mails, banner ads, on your website, etc.


How will I know if I am eligible to become a Language Lizard Affiliate?
It’s easy, just join the program via the link provided, request to become an affiliate, answer a few questions and wait for approval to be sent via email.  You will receive a welcome note generally within 1-2 business days.


Do I have to have a website to earn money?
Not at all! If you are involved with students, clients or customers who could benefit from bilingual children’s products, it's easy to make referrals!  You can send out emails to these customers with your affiliate links.  Anytime someone purchases a product after clicking on the link, you will earn money. 


What is your commission structure?
Simple! 5 percent of all sales!


When are payments issued?

The minimum check payment is $25. Payments are calculated and sent out twice a year (March and September).  If you do not have $25 worth of referral fees at the time payments are calculated, your commissions will be held until the next payment cycle when your commissions equal $25 or more.


Whom can I contact for more information?
Still have questions? Feel free to contact our staff at to find out how easy it is to earn money as a affiliate.