"I have found the Language Lizard materials to be of the highest quality. I strongly recommend them to teachers and parents that are serious about bilingual, world languages, and multicultural education."

"I always recommend Language Lizard as the best resource for high-quality early literacy materials in many languages."

"Your books are remarkable! They are very unique with beautiful illustrations."

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Language Lizard is a Woman Owned Small Business

We believe that children will be inspired to learn languages and connect with other cultures if HowToLearn.com Top 101 Sitethey are exposed to fun and creative learning materials early on in their lives. We believe that with the right resources, teachers in diverse classrooms can create culturally responsive classrooms so students of all backgrounds will feel welcome, respected, and included.

Our dual-language books and audio resources are offered in English with your choice of over 50 languages, including both popular and less commonly taught languages. The stories are innovative and creative while teaching children about other cultures and traditions. The beautiful illustrations in the books and posters celebrate the diversity in our communities. In addition, our teacher resources and lesson plans help educators engage in culturally responsive teaching and foster welcoming and inclusive learning environments.

Our products have been consistently well reviewed in respected review publications and have won prestigious awards. We also offer free multicultural lesson plans and other useful information for teachers and parents on our website and blog.
Language Lizard is a Top 100 Educational Website!

The benefits of early language learning are many. Studies suggest that children who learn second languages are better at solving complex problems and are more creative. There is also evidence that they score higher on standardized tests of English. Many literacy skills transfer from one language to the other, and children will learn to read, write and speak a second language better if they have a strong foundation in their first language.

But the more important benefit of language learning is the ability to understand and communicate with people of different cultures and countries.

The need to establish an awareness of and respect for other cultures in the next generation is clear. We are living in a global community. In the US, over 20% of the population is either foreign-born or has a foreign-born parent. The Census Bureau estimates that by the end of the 21st century, minorities will represent more than half of the total population. In addition, with the expansion of the Internet and inexpensive international communications, the world is becoming increasingly interdependent.

Our children must be comfortable working and playing with people of other backgrounds and ethnicities in order to succeed. As teachers and parents, we have a responsibility as well as a terrific opportunity to develop young people who are tolerant of other cultures and comfortable working in a diverse environment. We also have an ability to help children maintain existing home language skills and encourage parental involvement in education while at the same time promoting literacy and a love of reading. Language Lizard aims to give you the tools to do so.

We appreciate the opportunity to support you in raising the next generation to be culturally aware and linguistically skilled.

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Language Lizard is pleased to partner with and support leading literacy organizations.

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