"Your books are remarkable! They are very unique with beautiful illustrations. I recommend them to my student's families who are really interested in continuing learning the language at home." - Marcela Summerville, Director, Spanish Workshop for Children, LLC (www.spanishworkshopforchildren.com)

"Most national and state guidance recommends that early childhood education classrooms should be stocked with books and materials in all of the home languages of the children in the class. Research shows that supporting early literacy and development in the home language leads to better outcomes for literacy learning in English. I always recommend Language Lizard as the best resource for high quality early literacy materials in many languages."
- Karen Nemeth, Ed.M., author and co-founder of Language Castle LLC (http://www.languagecastle.com)

"As an author and educator specialized in world languages for young children, as well as a parent raising bilingual children, I have found the Language Lizard materials to be of the highest quality. I strongly recommend them to teachers and parents that are serious about bilingual, world languages, and multicultural education." - Ana Lomba, Director, Ana Lomba Early Languages, LLC (www.analomba.com)

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your efforts in helping me with my order and the consequent books that arrived! They are beautiful! They are rich with language!! I am so pleased and delighted to have them in our Book Nook to remove barriers to our immigrant families coming and reading to children in our school!
- Sue Tompke, ELL/ESD Support Teacher, Canada

"As a home visiting program that serves families who speak over 50 languages, Language Lizard is a valuable resource for quality children's books that support Parent-Child Home Program's mission of increasing parent-child verbal interaction and supporting early literacy practices in the home." - Michele Morrison, M.S., Director of Training and Program Support, PCHP

"We are the first library in Westchester County to circulate PENpals and they are a wonderful asset to our collection. PENpals help our patrons to learn a new language, reinforce their native language, foster a love of reading and enhance their vocabulary and listening skills via an interactive format. One of our patrons mentioned that her son loved it and another mom said that they are super tools that are helping her daughter reinforce her Spanish and her reinforce her English. She is so grateful to the library for having such innovative materials." - Barbara Cohen, Bilingual Children's Librarian, Warner Library

"Your stories are creative and beautifully illustrated! I recommend them as an excellent way for children to continue language learning at home... They also make wonderful gifts - enabling families to enjoy time together sharing their heritage."
- Jackie Friedman Mighdoll, President & Founder, Sponge ( www.SpongeSchool.com)

"Beautifully produced books that are ideal for bilingual families. Hard to find anything similar - awesome selection of languages! " - Rita McMaster, Executive Director/Founder, L.E.A.R.N. Associates, Inc. Language Education and Resource Network ( www.LearnAssociates.com)

"The dual-language books in Portuguese-English are remarkable. I used to only read materials from Brazil because I want to expose my children to the culture. After buying several Language Lizard books and seeing my children's interest and culturally informed questions, I saw how multicultural these books are. Very positive in encouraging an interest in others, especially those different from ourselves." - Christine Galbreath Jernigan, Ph.D. Foreign Language Education

"Your books provide a FUN way to introduce new languages and diverse cultural traditions to children. My kids love the stories and I've recommended them to many families who are interested in raising bilingual children." - Corey Heller, Founder of Bilingual & Bicultural Family Network, ( www.biculturalfamily.org)

"We recently placed an order with your company for children's books in many different languages for our hospital Emergency Department Story Time Program. I had to write to tell you how absolutely delighted we were with the quality, illustrations and content of the books. We live in a very multicultural area and have children visiting the hospital who speak many different languages. Because the books are also in English our volunteers can read to the children or the parents can. What a wonderful service you offer." - Janet Foley, Manager, Volunteer Resources, IWK Health Centre, Canada

"The books are beautiful and are being read frequently by children at Hananasif Orphanage Center (HOCET) in... Tanzania. ... The books are the most popular books of our small library... Thank you very much for making bilingual books available in Swahili and other languages. Your books are inspiring kids in Tanzania and encouraging them to read and further develop their bilingual literacy." - Iris Zielske, Educational Program Director, Kujali International

"Having language collections in libraries is essential. In spite of providing collections in English, libraries that offer language material to reflect their community is akin to spreading a welcome mat to their users. Often immigrant parents are reluctant to read to their children in English because it is not their mother tongue. A bilingual book will encourage these parents to read to their children and the children, in turn, will be exposed to English. It is the best of both worlds.
Language Lizard is a great source for bilingual books -- offering over 40 languages in well known titles and current books. Literacy doesn't happen in just one language--Literacy comes in a host of languages."
- Nancy Coradin, Coordinator, Multi-language Collections and Services, Westchester Library System

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