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Journey Through Islamic Arts, which celebrates the diversity of Islamic art, won a WOW! award (indicating one of the best children's titles) from the UK National Literacy Association.

Ellie's Secret Diary was nominated by the Education Resources Awards (ERA) as the Best Primary School Book!

That's My Mum won Best New Picture Book by Child Education (Scholastic Ltd.) in 2002!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff won the silver medal in the 2001 Best of British Illustration!

Augustus and His Smile - Winner of the Best New Illustrator Award in the Booktrust Early Years Awards 2006.

The Swirling Hijaab: "A very special book and extremely timely. Beautiful illustrations combined with simple but engaging text."
- The Guide to Literacy Resources (UK National Literary Association), 2002

Not Again, Red Riding Hood: "An Imaginative sequel to the traditional tale. A lovely book to read aloud... Stripes, spirals, dots and squares abound in the bold illustrations in bright strong colours... these sort of details engage children's interest over many retellings."
- Books for Keeps (Britain's top independent Children's Book Review Journal)

Dear Zoo: "The layout of the book with its superb bold illustrations and lots of space around both language texts, makes for an excellent reader-friendly dual language book."
- Books for Keeps

What Shall We Do With the Boo Hoo Baby?: "Destined to be a staple in pre-schools, this title is a joy to read aloud... works equally well for a large group as for a one-on-one sharing."
- School Library Journal

Splash!: "It's a truly remarkable achievement, with quite stunning double page spread animal illustrations."
- School Librarian

Alfie's Angels: "Delightful, humorous illustrations with plenty to look and smile at add to the pleasure of this inventive and entertaining story."
- The Guide to Literacy Resources 2003

Don't Cry Sly!: "The pictures are wonderful, expressive and highly atmospheric... a wonderful book to read aloud."
- The Booktrust Best Book Guide

The Pied Piper: "... a super dual text - it not only looks inviting, its an excellent read. A lovely version to share with children."
- Books for Keeps

I Took the Moon for a Walk: "I Took the Moon for a Walk is ideal for shared reading... a magical adventure, a little boy walks across a rural landscape, the moon beside him, with neighbourhood dogs supplying a choir. Moon's eye, and worm's eye perspectives free the viewer to roll, bowl, rise, fall and float effortlessly with the main participants."
- Times Educational Supplement

Please note: As the books have had limited distribution in the US to date, many of the review publications are UK based. Additional reviews will be included in the individual product descriptions.

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