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That's My Mum (bilingual)
That's My Mum - Bilingual Book
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That's My Mum (That's My Mom)
by Henriette Barkow
illustrated by Derek Brazell
In this story, winner of Best New Picture Book by Child Education 2002 (Scholastic Ltd), Mia tells the reader about her experience being a child of mixed heritage. How does she overcome the prejudice of being judged by the color of her skin? What will she do when strangers mistake her mother for her babysitter? It's a warm tale that will inspire children to take pride in their heritage, and the uniqueness of their families. The simple text and beautiful illustrations are great for provoking thought and discussion in the classroom.

To access lessons and activities that use this book, see our "Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Differences" lesson plan at the following link: http://www.languagelizard.com/lessonplans.htm
Book Review:
Both Kai and Mia look like their fathers, but not like their mothers. People always ask the two if they are with babysitters, when they are actually with their moms. The other children at school donít believe Mia and Kaiís claims that the women are related to them, which the two find very upsetting. At first, they try to think of ways to look more like their mothers, but then they realize that they shouldnít have to change. Finally, Mia and Kai find a creative way to tell the world, ďThatís my mum!Ē

Derek Brazellís beautiful illustrations give color to each page, to the delight of readers old and young. They also help give younger children a better understanding of the storyís dual messages of self-confidence and open-mindedness.
Review by Natalie Kunstadter
From the June 2007 issue of
Culture Connection Newsletter
In English with:
Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Czech, Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Somali,
Ages: 3-8 Paperback
Dimensions: 10.5w x 8.4h inches