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Bilingual Celebrations & Faith Stories offer a way to teach children about religious, ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. Introduce children to various religions and cultures including Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Judaism, Islamic and Muslim beliefs. Also consider our multicultural and multilingual posters as part of cultural diversity education programs.
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Journey Through Islamic Arts - Bilingual Book Samira's Eid - Bilingual Book The Swirling Hijaab - Bilingual Book
Samira's Eid (bilingual)
Our Price: $16.95

by Na'ima bint Robert
illustrated by Diana Mayo

by Nasreen Aktar
illustrated by Enebor Attard

by Na'ima bint Robert
illustrated by Nilesh Mistry

What is Peace? - Bilingual Book Alice and Marek's Christmas (Alice and Marek's Christmas) - Bilingual Book Deepak's Diwali - Bilingual Book

by Emma Damon

by Jolanta Starek-Corile
illustrated by Priscilla Lamont
by Divya Karwal
illustrated by Doreen Lang
Li's Chinese New Year - Bilingual Book All Kinds of Feelings - Bilingual Book

by Fang Wang
illustrated by Jennifer Corfield

by Emma Brownjohn

Bilingual/Multicultural Celebrations & Faith Stories