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CULTURE CONNECTION NEWSLETTER on early language learning

VISIT THE LANGUAGE LIZARD BLOG for valuable information and articles to support dual language learners and bring multiculturalism to the classroom.

PRESS ROOM (includes Language Lizard "in the news")

CULTURE CONNECTION NEWSLETTER on early language learning
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Below are articles that we hope will help you raise and educate language learners and promote cultural awareness. Most of these articles have appeared in our Culture Connection e-newsletter and our Blog. To read more great articles, please subscribe to our newsletter at and check out our blog at

Time to Celebrate your Dual Language Learners!
Top Ten Games to Play with Bilingual Children’s Books
No Kidding! Bilingual Books Help Prepare Dual Language Learners for Kindergarten, says New CECER-DLL Report
From Hiccups to Tuk-Tuks: Our Selection of Culturally Appropriate Bilingual Children’s Books
Building Baby Brains with Two Languages
Grants and Funding for Bilingual Classrooms
10 Reasons Picture Books are Important

Using Multicultural Resources to Support Language Learners and Enhance Diversity in the Classroom
Thanksgiving and Immigrant Cultures

Partnering with Families Equals Success
10 Ways to Use Bilingual Books with Children
Interactive Storytelling

Children’s Bilingual Books: Why the Audience Matters
Parents Partnering With Teachers to Bring Up Multilingual Children
Why Your Children Should Learn a Less-Commonly-Taught Language
Teaching Social Language to English Language Learners
International Education Week – An International Celebration in and out of the Classroom

How to help students survive culture shock
Twelve Common Myths And Misconceptions About Bilingual Children
Collaborations for Teaching about Language Diversity and Global Culture: Partnerships Between Native English Speaking Teachers and Bilingual Adults

Benefits of Building a Bilingual Community

Promoting Language and Cultural Diversity with Dual Language Books

Promoting Cultural Awareness in the Classroom
Calming the Anxiety of Parents Teaching a Second Language
What is bilingualism worth?
Race, Politics and the Middle School Cafeteria
The Multicultural Library: How Librarians are Responding to the Needs of Ethnically Diverse Communities
Multicultural Lesson Plans Celebrate Language and Cultural Diversity: Unique curriculum units and activities available on-line
World Folktales and Fables: Effective Teaching Tools to Educate and Entertain Children
The Best of Both Worlds
A Child’s Place in the World – PART II: Using dual language books to initiate social studies learning at home and at school
A Child's Place in the World - PART I: Using dual language books as a tool for teaching social studies in elementary school
Expand a Child's World: Involving bilingual families and English language learners in the classroom and at home.
3 Steps Parents Can Take To Support Elementary Language Education In Their Communities

You know the benefits of exposing children to other languages and cultures an early age, but where can your children go to learn another language? Click on a state to find language schools in your area.

Note: We are in the process of building our list of Language Schools. If you have experience with a school that you would recommend, please contact us.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island

South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

We are growing our list of sites and books that support parents and teachers interested in early language learning and introducing their children to other cultures and traditions. Continue to check back with us!

FOR BILINGUAL FAMILIES is a great place to find information about raising children in more than one language and culture.  You can post comments and find inspiration and encouragement from other families raising bilingual/multicultural children. opens a discussion and offers research and tips on bilingualism in general. It is also helpful for adults learning a second language and for parents working to expose their children to another language. 

LinguistKids Blog provides information and resources for educators and parents who want to help children learn languages, understand cultures and become citizens of the world.

International Couples' Blog
For those of you in international/multicultural relationships, you may wish to check out the International Couples' Blog at  to find resources, advice and tools about situations you may encounter. You can also get inspiration from other couples that have been there before!


National Network for Early Language Learning (

The Center for Applied Linguistics (
CAL also runs the Ñandutí web site for foreign language learning in Grades pre-K to 8 at

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (

The National Association for Bilingual Education (

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (


Language Castle provides teaching tips and techniques as well as great resources for preschool teachers working with English Language Learners and teaching in diverse classrooms.

Ana Lomba is an award-winning author, leading language educator, and a tireless advocate of early language learning. Her blog provides valuable information on early language learning, and she offers consulting and feedback on curriculum as well as teacher training.

ESL Teachers Board is a great resource for ESL teachers, providing free teaching materials, jobs and resumes.

EverythingESL ( Run by ESL teacher, author and speaker Judie Haynes, this site includes lesson plans, teaching tips and more.

Learn English ( A site with information about learning and speaking English.

Additional ESL Reference Materials:

"I Teach Dual Language" blog ( Managed by a former district elementary Bilingual Facilitator, this blog provides teachers in dual-language classrooms information and inspiration to help them succeed.

ESL Teacher Resources compiled by Perdue University's Online Writing Lab can be found at


Many Languages, One Classroom: Teaching Dual and English Language Learners
Even the most experienced teacher can feel a bit unsure about meeting the unique needs of children from different language backgrounds. In Many Languages, One Classroom, education specialist Karen Nemeth applies the latest information about best practices to all aspects of a preschool program. From using lists of key words and visual aids to using body language and gestures, the strategies you will find in this book are adaptable and easy to put into practice. Designed to fit any preschool curriculum, Many Languages, One Classroom addresses state standards and benchmarks of standard quality programming. To purchase this book through, click here.

Spanish for Preschoolers E-Guide
This is a great guide to help teachers who want to start their own language program or enhance their current one. Written by NNELL-NJ Representative Ana Lomba, this guide provides an overview of current language learning theories and methodologies in their application to young children; an introduction to Ana’s methodology focused on learning naturally using everyday phrases, games, songs, fairy tales and other stories; as well as explanations of program curriculum, day-to-day classes and sample activities. You can learn more about and purchase this e-guide at

Languages and Children: Making the Match, Third Edition
With a focus on communicative language teaching as it reflects cognitive and second language acquisition theory, this classic in the field provides a wealth of strategies and activities ready to use in the K-8 classroom. Languages and Children: Making the Match, Third Edition, has been thoroughly revised and updated. Standards-based planning and instruction are the guiding principles throughout the book. This long-awaited third edition provides extensive new information that is not easily accessible to the field. Publishing this information in one source provides a tremendous service to methods instructors and teachers, as well as to students. To purchase this book through, click here.

Teach Your Child Spanish Through Play
This book is a valuable resource for parents, home educators and teachers. It includes tips for parents who don't already speak Spanish, creative games and activities that cater to each learning style. Also contains a guide to teaching culture, ideas for building and maintaining bilingual communities and a useful resource directory. To purchase this book through, click here.


Creative Bridges for Language Learning Institute

For teachers who want to soak up language, music and culture in person, Creative Bridges for Language Learning Institute has received much praise about its summer immersion program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The program offers a unique, fun-filled hands-on/theory immersion program for Spanish, Bilingual and ESL educators.  To find out more about this program, visit or contact founder Liliana Attar at

Information about ESL Teacher Certification is available at

Blog to encourage parents to read in Portuguese with their children: 
is an online library of stories especially structured for children to learn a language.

Translation Services
Translation of all languages Italian, French, Spanish, English, German, Greek, Farsi, Russian, etc. by Axis Translations

Learn German
Learn German guide, all about how to learn German and how to speak German.

Learn Languages

A network of sites dedicated to providing information and promoting language programs around the world.

Study Abroad Florence 
Learn Italian in the birthplace of the Renaissance through our study abroad program in Florence , Italy.

In the News / Press Releases
March 5, 2014: New Bilingual Book Personal Shopper Service Helps Educators and Librarians Meet The Needs Of Language Learners
May 20, 2011: New Resource to Support English Language Learners and Bring Language and Culture to the Classroom

October 27, 2008: "More U.S. Kids Growing Up Bilingual":
Radio segment about the benefits of bilingualism, resources and personal accounts.  Produced and aired on Public Radio International's "The World" (from the BBC, PRI and WGBH).
September, 2008: INTERVIEW WITH LANGUAGE LIZARD PRESIDENT & FOUNDER ANNEKE FORZANI Interview on Public Radio International's "The World in Words" podcast (co-produced by BBC, PRI and WGBH) at  (Note: The interview starts about 5 minutes into the podcast after the Hispanic Heritage Month/Football story).
November 13, 2006:
Language and Cultural Diversity Project Launched In Support of International Education Week
September 3, 2006:
Des nouvelles livres pour enfants bilingues aident
aux parents à transmettre leur langue maternelle.

August 14, 2006:
Looking for ways to inspire your kids to learn French?
August 14, 2006:
Cherchez-vous des façons d’inspirer vos enfants à apprendre le Français?
August 8, 2006:
Unique Italian-English Children’s Books Help Bilingual Families Share Their Language
June 28, 2006:
Neuartige Deutsch-Englische Kinderbücher helfen bilingualen Eltern, ihre Muttersprache weiterzureiche
May 27, 2006: Bilingual Books Inspire Children To Explore Foreign Languages & Cultures
May 26, 2006: Unique Dual-Language Children's Books Help Bilingual Families Share Their Heritage

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