Offer customers high-quality books in over 50 languages!

*Respond to the diversity in your community with books in 50+ languages

Our communities are increasingly ethnically diverse. By offering books in multiple languages, booksellers can respond to the needs of all members of their communities while staying one step ahead of the competition.

Our dual-language books are offered with English and foreign language text on all pages in up to 40 language editions. They meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

To learn more about our books, and the 40+ languages offered, please see our Bilingual Books / CDs page.

* Offer well-reviewed multicultural stories to your customers.

Our products have been consistently well reviewed in respected publications including School Librarian, School Library Journal, Books for Keeps (Britain's top independent Children's Book Review Journal) and many others (see testimonials and sample reviews). Many titles have won awards for both the stories and illustrations. Many of the stories teach children about traditions in other cultures or tell fables and folk stories from other nationalities. In addition, the dual-language products offer:

  • Appealing, multi-ethnic characters
  • Creative, clever and enjoyable stories
  • Strong, community settings
  • Development of tolerance, respect for others, and self esteem
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Professional translations in up to 40 languages

Most importantly-kids love these stories and will read them over and over!

* Terms for resellers/bookstores

If you are interested in reselling our products, please contact us for terms and conditions. Please include your business name and website address (if applicable) in the comments section.

Note: You must have a valid state-issued Sales and Use Certificate to resell our products. (Canada resellers will not have this document. Please contact us for additional details).