FreeLINK: Download Free Audio Files for PENpal

FreeLINK is a software program that enables you to download many of our books in different languages, including dual language books that pair English with Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Polish, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Urdu and many more languages. Simply click the 'Download Now' button below and install Freelink from any PC.

With the world's largest collection of talking printed books, we have something for almost everyone.

MAC users, or anyone unable to download the software, can download audio files from this online version of FreeLINK.
Please note that files downloaded from this online version will go to the downloads folder on your computer. Plug in your PENpal using your USB cable and then move the downloaded files from your downloads folder into the PENpal folder titled "Ap4". The files MUST be loaded into the Ap4 folder, or the PENpal will not be able to read them.