Purchasing books that work with the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen

"Talking Books"

Language Lizard offers hundreds of books that become "Talking Books" when used with the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen. Simply download the book's sound files onto PENpal using FreeLINK. All sound files are currently available for free to our customers.

Note that in order for a book to become a "talking book" the book must be enabled to work with the PENpal and have a sound file available. To make ordering easy, we have created numerous value sets that include both the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen and a set of books in your chosen language. Starter Sets and Enhanced Sets are available. Please click here to see our exclusive PENpal sets.

If you already have the PENpal or prefer to "pick and choose" books rather than ordering the set, please contact us and request a list of books that will work with the PENpal. (Note that we can only guarantee the PENpal status for books ordered directly from the Language Lizard website.
And older versions of the books that were printed before the advanced PENpal Recorder Pen was available may not work as talking books.)