Which books are PENpal-enabled ‘Talking Books’?

Want to know if a particular book will work with your PENpal? Here are 2 ways to check to see if it is PENpal-enabled and has an audio file available:

  • If the book is PENpal-enabled, you will see a tab on its product listing that indicates audio compatibility: “Fully PENpal-enabled”
  • Or, click here to see a full list of books with audio files available.

To add the audio file to your PENpal, simply download the FreeLINK audio files onto your PENpal. Visit the FreeLINK Audio Files page for instructions. All sound files currently available are free to our customers who own the PENpal

PENpal Value Sets: an easy way to buy PENpal-enabled books
  • To make ordering easy, our Value Sets include a PENpal Audio Recorder Pen and a set of PENpal-enabled bilingual books in the language you select.
  • When you purchase a Value Set, your PENpal will arrive fully pre-loaded with audio files in the language you select. Plus, you save money over ordering items individually!
  • Starter Sets (4 PENpal-enabled books), Enhanced Sets (10 PENpal-enabled books) and Super Sets (20 PENpal-enabled books) are available. An interactive ‘talking’ dictionary option is available with each set.

If you already have the PENpal or prefer to "pick and choose" books rather than order a set, please see the information in the "Which Books are PENpal Talking Books" section above. Also, we can only guarantee the PENpal status for books ordered directly from the Language Lizard website. Older versions of the books resold on other sites may not work.