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Shipping & Delivery - International
Can I check the status of my International Order?
  To check the status of your order or track your package, please login to your Global Shopex account at
International Bookstores / Libraries / Schools
  Language Lizard Premium books are available through Ingram's worldwide network. These books are available in multiple languages and come with free downloadable lesson plans and activities and English audio sound files. If you have an Ingram iPage account, you can purchase those books via your Ingram account. (School & Libraries: Local distributors should be able to access the books on this list via their iPage accounts.)

For access to all books on our site, please follow Option 1 in the "International Shipping" instructions below.
International Shipping - Ordering & Payment Options
  There are 2 methods to obtain our books outside of the US/Canada:

OPTION 1: This option allows you to choose from all the books and sets currently available on our website. Language Lizard is pleased to ship worldwide through our partner, Simply add any items you wish to purchase to your Language Lizard shopping cart and choose the international checkout button. The international checkout page will allow you to see the cost for shipping and duties and taxes upfront. You may choose to prepay duties and taxes when you check out so there are not additional funds collected upon delivery. You may pay with International credit cards, PayPal, Money Gram, Bank wire transfers, Alipay or other local payment options. GlobalShopex will process your payment and guarantee delivery. Once your order is completed, all inquiries should be directed to GlobalShopex at [email protected] or 786-391-4868.

Note: If you would like to pay for your order with an international credit card (with a non-USA billing address) and have it ship to an address in the USA, you can either follow the instructions above or choose Paypal during checkout to complete your order.

Note on returns for international shipments: Due to the high cost of shipping internationally, if there is a product defect on an item shipped internationally, we will request a digital image of the defect and, upon receipt, issue a refund for the price of the product rather than sending a replacement. All products that ship internationally are inspected at the Global Shopex warehouse prior to shipment overseas and professionally packaged for international shipment. All international shipments are trackable and insured. Should your package arrive in damaged condition, or should you have any questions about your international shipment, please contact Global Shopex at [email protected] or at the numbers listed below.

OPTION 2: This method allows you to save money in shipping for some of our titles by purchasing in your home country. The Language Lizard Premium Collection is now available worldwide via a leading global print network. Language Lizard Premium books can be purchased at bookstores and educational distributors worldwide (as well as many international Amazon sites). To see the titles in this collection that are available worldwide, click here. Simply let your local bookstore or distributor know the title, language, and the publisher (Language Lizard) and they should be able to obtain the Language Lizard Premium books for you.

Language Lizard Premium titles are available in multiple languages. Simply click on the "Language Selection" field on any of the product descriptions to see the list of available languages. These books also come with free downloadable lesson plans and activities, and an English audio sound file.
Which countries do you ship to?
  We ship WORLDWIDE!
For orders outside US & Canada, use the "International Checkout" button when checking out. The items in your cart will automatically be transferred to our partner, GlobalShopex, which will process your payment and guarantee delivery.
Who should I contact with questions about my International Order?
  All inquiries regarding your international order should be directed to GlobalShopex at:
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE (001) 786 391-4868

GlobalShopex Local Numbers:
Australia (Sydney) Tel: (612) 9037 0252
United Kingdom Tel: (020) 3371 9380
Japan (Tokyo) Tel: (3) 4520 9639
Spain (Madrid) Tel: (91) 829 5114
South Africa Tel: (27 10) 500-2487
Canada (Toronto) Tel: (416) 840 5719
France (Paris) Tel: (01) 7666 0593
Mexico (DF) Tel: (55) 8525 3179
Brazil (Sao Paulo) Tel: (11) 3957 0408
Peru (Lima) Tel: (1) 718 0788
Colombia (Bogota) Tel: (1) 508 2859
Chile (Santiago) Tel: (2) 368 0900