PENpal lesson plans and classroom activities

In the videos below, Dr. Kathy Barclay demonstrates the many ways in which the PENpal’s recordable labels and related products can be used by teachers to:

  • develop and assess oral language development;
  • build fluency & improve phonemic awareness;
  • support parental involvement and more.
Videos courtesy of Mantra LIngua Ltd, UK

Lesson Plan 1

Developing oral language skills with the PENpal:

Lesson Plan 2

Practicing speaking skills with the PENpal:

Lesson Plan 3

Assessing fluency with the PENpal:

Lesson Plan 4

Creating individualized reading exercises:

Lesson Plan 5

Fostering fluency skills with bilingual books:

Lesson Plan 6

Recording directions for learning center activities:

Lesson Plan 7

Using recordable labels for student-created art and writing:

Lesson Plan 8

Teaching phonemes with the phonics magnet set:

Lesson Plan 9

Communicating with parents:

More ways to use PENpal recordable labels in the classroom

For additional creative ways to incorporate the recording labels in your language learning classroom, visit "Using PENpal Recordable Labels in Your Classroom" in the downloadable pdf file here.