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Sports Day in the Jungle (bilingual)
Sports Day in the Jungle - Bilingual Book
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Sports Day in the Jungle

Written and Illustrated by Jill Newton

Poor Sloth is too slow to compete in the jungle games! He can only watch as the other animals practice for their special sports. Monkey teases Sloth as he swings from branch to branch. But wait! When disaster strikes, will Sloth get a chance to use his secret skill, and save the day?
Children will love reading about the wild, colorful animals that play sports, and the fun jungle facts, too!

Book Review:
The first thing I noticed about Sports Day in the Jungle was the vivid and expressive illustrations. It turns out that Jill Newton, who both wrote and illustrated this book, also illustrated Keeping up with Cheetah. Both these titles have lovely, vibrant, and fanciful illustrations.

The second thing I noticed about this book was the abundance of wonderful vocabulary in the text. For example, the “tigers tumble, the toucans tango, the elephants humph and the frogs hop, skip and jump!” This is a real asset for me, because when I read a bilingual book to my children, I want them exposed to new and interesting words and phrases - and this book has plenty.

The storyline follows poor sloth, who cannot participate in the “Jungle Games” because he is so slow. He watches the other animals practice and endures a bit of teasing from Monkey, who always wins. But in the end, when Monkey overreaches and takes a spill, Sloth saves Monkey and becomes the hero of the day.

One noteworthy feature of this book is the final page, which lists interesting “Jungle Facts” about various jungle animals (“a tiger’s roar can be heard more than a mile away”). Note that this page is only in English.

Review by Maureen Barlow Pugh
From November 2011 Issue of Culture Connection Newsletter
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Ages: 2-7 Paperback

Sports Day in the Jungle

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