for Dual Language Learners, Limited English Proficient Students (LEPs), Immigrants


* This page provides support for:
  • Educators who are looking for donations, grants and funding to purchase multilingual resources (see sections 1-5 below).
  • Schools / teachers that have special funding or grants to support language learners (see section 6 below).
  • Note: For additional free resources and support (including free downloadable lesson plans), as well as detailed information on submitting purchase orders, requesting W9s and other forms, please see our schools / library support page.

1) Language Lizard Donations / Grants / Giveaways

As one of the few providers of high-quality books in many of the languages we offer, we are asked very frequently to donate books and multicultural resources to many wonderful causes. We we would love to donate books to all of these causes, but as a small company, we are simply unable to accommodate all the requests.

That said, we regularly give away free bilingual books to numerous recipients every year. To ensure that you are included in our most recent giveaway, please click here.

Note: We notify our followers and customers about new giveaways or special saving opportunities through Language Lizard's free Culture Connection newsletter, as well as through social media. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter or stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter

2) Setting up requests on (best for teachers with previous experience with
You may wish to set up a campaign for Language Lizard's bilingual resources via Here is information from a representative at DonorsChoose outlining how to go about that:
Teachers may request products from Language Lizard by submitting a Special Request project through Special Request projects allow teachers with previous experience on our site to purchase resources outside of our integrated vendors. You can learn more about DonorsChoose Special Request process by reading this help center article. If any teachers have questions about the Special Request process, they may write into and the team will be happy to help.

3) Language Lizard Gift Certificates for non-profit organizations
You may ask supporters of your organization to send you a Language Lizard gift certificate. These gift certificates can be used for any of the products on our site and can be sent to you via email within 1 business day. You may combine multiple gift certificates for one purchase.

4) Special discount for non-profits giving books away to needy children
As we work primarily with non-profit schools, libraries and literacy organizations, we try to keep costs reasonable for all parties and have put numerous discounts on our site. That said, if you are able to provide documentation that your purchase is being used to give books away to needy children, please contact us using the form on this page to provide more information about your book donation program.

5) Additional information on grants and other funding to support immigrants and language learners

There are a number of funding sources and grants that would allow you to provide excellent support to your ELLs/ DLLs. There are both government grants and private sources of funding that you can use for bilingual books, supplementary materials, professional development, teacher training and more. The following articles will help you learn more about your options:

* Grants and Funding for Bilingual Classrooms

This article provides tips on searching and applying for funding, a list of federal and state grants, and links to many private sources of funding.

* Title III Grants: Funding for English Language Learners / LEP Students

Title III Part A is dedicated to immigrants or LEPs. Read more about how it is awarded and allowable uses of Title III funds, including classroom supplies and software to support English Language Learners.

* Head Start Funding Opportunities

Learn more about the Office of Head Start and how to find Head Start grants and funding for your organization.


6) Do you have a Title III grant or other funding for multilingual resources? Do you need support choosing products or meeting tight deadlines?

We work with many educators who have funding sources with specific budgetary and timing restrictions. Let us help you! If you have time constraints, please let us know.

  • If you don't want to do the leg-work of putting an order together yourself, our personal shoppers can help put together a preliminary order that will meet your requirements.
  • You can also simplify your ordering with language book sets.
  • We work with our shipping and billing departments to ensure that your deadlines are met and your products are delivered in a timely manner.

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