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Kurmanji Kurdish (Northern Kurdish) is among our newest languages! It is spoken in southeast Turkey, parts of Iran, northern Iraq and Syria. Bilingual Children's Books help children learn English and maintain their heritage language. The books also support parental involvement among families with limited English proficiency.

ALL BOOKS ON THIS PAGE INCLUDE KURMANJI KURDISH AND ENGLISH TEXT ON THE PAGE. 50+ other languages also available at this website (including Sorani Kurdish).

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Food, Food, Fabulous Food - Bilingual Children's Book available in Arabic, Farsi, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Urdu, and many more languages. Inspiring story for diverse classrooms. Food, Food, Fabulous Food (bilingual book)

by Kate Clynes
illustrated by MW

Our Price: $15.50
Bilingual Folktale for Kids - Pinocchio and the Real Boys is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Somali, Spanish. Swedish, Urdu. Pinocchio and the Real Boys (bilingual)

Written and illustrated by Magda Brol

Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $15.50