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Current Deals and Promotions
We support many non-profit organizations and work hard to offer the best prices for our titles to all customers all the time (rather than pricing high and then offering heavy discounts). We do offer occasional deals or giveaways to celebrate special holidays and promote reading. Please see below for any current deals.

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Bilingual Book Giveaway - New Winners Chosen Every Month

Celebrate bilingual children! Over $1,000 of language learning materials will be given away and new winners will be selected throughout the year. The sooner you sign up, the more chances you have to win! It's simple and free to enter! Click here to learn more and to enter the giveaway. Note: Extra winners will be selected during the pandemic to support distance learning.

PENpal Audio Recorder Pen - Starter Sets & Enhanced Literacy Sets (no coupon code required)

Special offers on Interactive Literacy Sets with the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen, Recordable Labels, bilingual books and an optional dictionary.

Bilingual Book Sets - Special Discounts Offered Online (no coupon code required)
Bilingual book sets are available in English with your choice of 30 languages and include many of our most popular titles. They're a great value and make ordering simple!

Flat rate shipping under $200
Order 1 book or 12 books and your shipping rate will be the same! For more information on shipping rates and delivery times, click here.