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Multilingual "Talking" Charts - Set of 4: English, Geography, Math & Science Charts

Multilingual Talking Charts Set includes key English, Geography, Math and Science Terms (STEM) explained in many languages including Spanish, English, Arabic, French, Russian, Turkish and Urdu.

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*Important note: These charts are intended for use with the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen. If you do not already own a PENpal recorder PEN, you may add PENpal (with over 100 recordable stickers) at a discounted price when purchasing this chart.

These multilingual charts provide definitions, explanations and examples of key terms in English, Geography, Math & Science*. They are invaluable resources for teachers who support a linguistically diverse student body. Using these charts with the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen, newcomers and English Language Learners (ELLs) can hear key terms explained in their native languages, allowing for a better understanding of content. Simply select the language that you want to hear from the right side of the chart with the PENpal, and then tap a phrase to hear an explanation of the term in the selected language. Teachers and students can also use " talking labels" (recordable stickers that come with purchase of the PENpal) to make their own recordings and add them to the chart.

The following languages are available on the chart: Arabic, Czech, English, Farsi, French, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Somali, Spanish, Sylheti, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba. [Note: Japanese & Korean are listed on the chart, but they will not work as the sound is not enabled for these languages. Gujarati language only works on the Science & English charts.]

*This set includes 4 charts:
  • English Multilingual Terms Chart includes explanations for the following terms: alliteration, apostrophe, atmosphere, chorus, cliche, comma, comparison, conjunction, consonant, describe, dialogue, differentiate, discuss, exclamation, expression, figurative, genre, grammar, identify, imagery, justify, metaphor, myth, narrative/narrator, onomatopoeia, outline, pamphlet, paragraph, personification, playwright, plural, prefix, preposition, punctuation, resolution, rhyme, scene, simile, soliloquy, subordinate, suffix, synonym, vocabulary, and vowel.
  • Geography Multilingual Terms Chart includes explanations for the following terms: abroad, amenity, atlas, authority, contour, country, county, desert, employment, erosion, estuary, function, globe, habitat, infrastructure, international, landscape, latitude, location, longitude, national, physical, pollution, poverty, provision, regional, rural, settlement, situation, tourist, transport, urban, wealth, and weather.
  • Math Multilingual Terms Chart includes explanations for the following terms: addition, adjacent, amount, angle, approximately, average, calculate, circumference, coordinate, decimal, degree, denominator, diameter, digit, divide, equilateral, fraction, graph, horizontal, isosceles, multiply, negative, numerator, parallel, parallelogram, percentage, perimeter, perpendicular, positive, radius, ratio, recurring, regular, rhombus, rotate, square, subtract, symmetry, triangle, vertical, volume, and weight.
  • Science Multilingual Terms Chart includes explanations for the following terms: absorb, acid, alkaline, amphibian, chemical, circulation, condensation, combustion, digestion, element, evaporation, exchange, freeze, frequency, friction, function, growth, hazard, insect, laboratory, liquid, mammal, method, nutrient, organism, oxygen, particles, predator, pressure, reproduce, respiration, solution, temperature, thermometer, vertebrate, and vessel.

These charts can be purchased individually, but this 4-pack provides the best value.

Dimensions of each chart: 42 x 30cm (approx. 16.5 x 11.5 inches)

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