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Affiliates Program
  To learn more about Language Lizard's Affiliate program and find instructions on how to register as an affiliate, please visit our Affiliates page for information.
  If you are a vendor of books or other educational resources, please visit our Bookseller page for additional information.
Fundraising & Donations
  If you are an organization looking for ideas on how fundraise to buy books or support giveaways, please visit this page.
PENpal: Information & Technical Support
  For the PENpal, please see below for links to general information, technical support, purchasing, audio files, and classroom activities.

What is the PENpal?
PENpal Quick Start Guide and Technical Support
PENpal Products & Value Packs
List of PENpal-enabled books: Books Guaranteed to Work with PENpal
FreeLINK Audio Files to Download to Your PENpal
Using the PENpal to Foster English Language Learner (ELL) Oral Language Development